March 2013 Eco Tour Review

Date Group Name Pax.
March 01 Guests 2
March 04 Guests 2
March 11 Orientation 9
March 14 Students 3
March 15 Penang Sustainability Green Councils 13
March 18 Guests 3
March 23 Guests 3
March 25 Students 3
March 26 Dunman High School 18
March 27 DestinationZeroCarbon 2
March 28 Leica 14
Total 72

On the month of march was a rather busy month! We had about 72 peoples that attended our eco tour! Mainly from organizations and schools like Penang Sustainability Green Councils, Destination Zero Carbon, Lecia and Dunman High School!

Here is some shots taken during the eco tour of some of the members from lecia !


And a photo of them participating in trying to guess the scent of the herb we planted in our Green Sanctuary! Can you guess from the photo what type of herb this is?

leica 2

Be sure to join us on our next Eco Tour! Just make an appointment with our reception or email us @!

See you soon!

Updates on total Eco-Tour attendance at the end of March : 4341


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