November 2015 Eco Tour Review


Date Group Name Pax
3-Nov-2015 Nanyang Polytechnic 60
4-Nov-2015 Nanyang Polytechnic 90
5-Nov-2015 Ngee Ann Polytechnic 5
6-Nov-2015 Fairfield primary School 40
11-Nov-2015 Singapore Polytechnic 20
13-Nov-2015 Ngee Ann Polytechnic 10
16-Nov-2015 Singapore Choir 28
19-Nov-2015 HDB 40
21-Nov-2015 Temasek Polytechnic 3
23-Nov-2015 Singapore Polytechnic 40
Total 326

The month of November has ended with a total of 326 visitors from various schools, organizations, and companies.

It was truly a pleasure having them with us for our Eco-Tour.


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