4th Enabling Employers Award

On 21 July 2017, SBR was recognized at the 4th Enabling Employer Awards, organised by Sg Enable.  “The Enabling Employers Awards (EEA) is a nationally recognized award that honors and recognizes the efforts of employers in hiring and retaining employees with disabilities.” – sgenable.sg

SBR was among the 7 companies receiving the The Progressive Employer Award, which is the second-tier in the Employer Awards category (after Leaders, which was received by 3 companies).  In total, 72 companies were recognised at the ceremony.

This is a very significant recognition for Siloso Beach Resort, which for many years has made providing employment opportunities for those with disabilities a key focus of its CSR program.  Certainly the resort has seen many benefits from the program, both in terms of fostering greater independence and confidence for its employees with disabilities, as well as valuable contributions to the company operations and culture.

More information on the Enabling Employer Awards can be found in this article: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/more-than-72-firms-and-individuals-recognised-for-hiring-and-working-with-people-with




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