Siloso is the recipient of various awards and certifications which we have received in recognition of efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, foster a company-wide culture of environmental awareness, and give back to society and nature through educational tours and CSR projects.

These awards and certifications are an important way to communicate to our stakeholders the sincerity of our commitment to preserving the environment. Through these achievements, we hope to set the environmental benchmark higher for the tourism industry in Singapore and South-East Asia.

PUB Water Mark Honorary Award (2014)

This is the highest water related award in Singapore given to companies which can showcase leading water efficiency technology and practices throughout their operations. In addition SBR was given the honorary distinction which is the first time it was given out to a corporation.

Singapore President’s Award for the Environment  (2013)

In recognition of its continuous efforts in environmental sustainability on its site and outreach SBR was awarded the highest environmental accolade in Singapore.

ASEAN Business Award (2013)

The resort was recognized for its social and environmental programs as a “Most Admired ASEAN Enterprise” under the Corporate Social Responsibility award category for SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises). The award recognizes admired ASEAN businesses in four areas: growth, employment, innovation and CSR. This award is unique because unlike previous awards received by the resort, this was regional and those applying for the award came from the various ASEAN countries. The criteria for the award was also heavily focused on not just the environmental impact, but also contributions to the community and society.

Singapore Sustainability Award (2012)

“The Singapore Sustainability Awards recognize and showcase the most innovative and impactful sustainable business practices and green solutions amongst Corporate Singapore. The awards aim to promote sustainability excellence and sharing of best practices amongst our Singapore organizations across businesses and companies, government agencies and academic institutions so that more organizations will be inspired to adopt similar practices or develop their own.” –

A total of 68 companies submitted for the awards, with 9 winners chosen among the various categories, with SBR being the only Top Honour winner in its category. Although SBR has achieved other awards, this one is the first to take all 3 aspects of sustainability into equal consideration: economic, social, and environmental

Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (2012)

The Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) have been developed to inspire Singapore-based organisations to become more committed to environmental and social responsibilities. As the only local award that addresses overall environmental initiatives and awareness within an organisation, the SEAA is the most prestigious environmental award in Singapore.

The criterion for the SEAA focus on assessing the leadership displayed by the company, the real environmental improvement made as well as the ability of an organisation to establish procedures, train staff and innovate in order to achieve breakthroughs in environmental performance.” -SEAA

Siloso Beach Resort achieved recognition for our commitment to sustainability and ecological preservation and was awarded the SEAA Top Achiever Award for 2010. Since the SEAA was started in 1997, this is the first time that the award has been given to a hotel.

Singapore CSR Special Mention Award (2011)

At the 1st Singapore Compact CSR Awards, held during the International Singapore Compact CSR Summit, we received the Special Mention Award for our strong commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility.

The award and summit are organized by the Singapore compact for CSR, which “functions as a national society in furthering the CSR movement in Singapore, through ongoing dialogues, training, collaboration and practical project implementation.”

TUV Rheinland and Singapore environment Council certified Eco Hotel


and various other environmental recognition and prices ..


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