SBR Carbon Footprint

SBR is currently in the process of getting a better view of its carbon footprint.

In the meantime, a draft estimation of our carbon emissions has been done and is below provided:

• In Singapore 1kwh corresponds to 0.5233 kg of CO2equivalent (source NEA)
• SBR monthly average electricity consumption is 180,000 KWh
• Therefore SBR monthly carbon emission is 0.5233 x 180,000 = 94,194 kg CO2e
• And for one year: 94,194 X 12 = 1,130,328 kg CO2e or 1,130.328 tonne of CO2e

SBR annual estimated carbon footprint: 1130 tonne of CO2e

(This value is only an initial estimate based on electricity consumption; it does include external operations, supply chains, transport and other activities involving the combustion of fossil fuels)

SBR unique attributes

Despite having a significant carbon footprint like any other business, SBR is already offsetting a significant amount of these emissions through our passive innitiatives:

Tree coverage: When SBR was built it was decided that trees would be preserved on site. As such over 200 fully grown trees have been preserved and furthermore another 200 trees have been planted. Of course we all know that trees are an important carbon sink and as such significantly contribute in lowering our carbon footprint. Despite that it is difficult to assess how much carbon is captured through this mean (because the rate depends on the species of trees and a range of other factors), we can however say  that because of our concept and throng commitment to preserve trees, our carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.

Spring water: Below our resort lies a natural spring which naturally flows up. As such our carbon footprint through water energy use is also very low.

Energy efficiency: a multitude of practices and energy saving technologies are used throughout the resort to reduce our energy consumption.

– third generation heat exchange system

– balanced wave technology

– Energy efficient lighting and electrical appliances…

However, we also save a lot of energy through passive design (i.e the way the hotel was build is energy efficient)

– Open air corridors

– One of the largest insulating roof top gardens in Singapore…


SBR active carbon offsets program:

in 2013 SBR teamed up with carbon offset specialist company Nexus Carbon for development.

Through this partnership, SBR is now able to offer its clients with a range of comprehensive carbon offset options.






SBR carbon offset brochure: SBR carbon offset 200515

To learn more about the type of offset projects that Nexus offers please refer to http://www.nexus-c4d.org/


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