ITE Eco Conference 2019

On 1st November, our Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Ng presented the ITE Youth Ambassador Awards to students at the ITE Eco Conference 2019. These students are recognized for their efforts in actively organizing or planning eco-friendly activities.

With this year’s theme being “Envisioning Sustainability, Towards Zero Waste”, the conference invited 3 speakers: Mr Kenneth Er from NEA, Ms Esther An from CDL and Mr Matt Stanelos from WMRAS to share about Singapore’s sustainability efforts and challenges faced through the landscape, business and recycling perspective. The conference also had an exhibition showcasing various projects from ITE students about sustainability.


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ITE-SBR Youth Eco Ambassador Awards 2018

The ITE-SBR Youth Eco Ambassador Awards 2018 was held at Siloso Beach Resort on the 28 November 2018, with 2 distinguished speakers from the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

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The purpose of this event is to recognize ITE’s “Youth Eco Ambassadors,” which are awarded to students who have demonstrated environmental leadership at the school.

The two speakers are Mr Foo Maosheng, Curator of Tissues and DNA in Cryogenic Collection and Ms Iffah Binte Iesa, Curator of Cnidarian, Echinoderm & Microscope Slide Collections. Their sharing, titled “Back to Basics: Relevance of the Natural History Museum” shares about the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum’s recent biodiversity research activities, from local field biodiversity surveys to overseas expeditions, such as the recent South Java Deep Sea Expedition, where more than 12,000 marine creatures were collected.



Mr Foo Maosheng shared more about the different species of insects he has collected so far, as well as the sperm whale that was found in Singapore’s territorial waters. To find out what killed the whale, they opened the gut of the whale and found human trash such as disposable plastic cups. Mr Foo also shared with the audience on how they slowly defleshed the sperm whale to recover its skeleton for the museum.



Ms Iffah Binte Iesa shared more about the recent South Java Deep Sea Expedition. She even showed a short video of the process of retrieving the sea creatures from the sea bed, and the different instruments used. She also spoke about the sea creatures and their characteristics.


ITE-SBR MOU signing

SBR is proud to announce our partnership with Institute of Technical Education. On the 3rd of November, the owner of SBR, Kelvin Ng and CEO of ITE signed the memorandum of understanding. This fosters a greater tie between SBR and ITE, and this allows both parties to embark on joint projects. These projects are related to sustainablility, involving ITE students and staff.


One successful project we would like to mention is ITE College East’s wormery. Set up and fully sponsored by SBR, we had to provide them with the necessary materials and training. Today, their wormery produces a sizeable amount of natural earthworm castings, which can be used for fertilizer. A job well done!



Wormery Booth @NUS

We are glad to set up our wormery booth at National University of Singapore on the 11th of November. Through this booth, we intend to share how we go about maintaining our wormery. Also, we try to inform people of this closed loop system, which enables us to sustain our vermicomposting project till today! But most importantly, our wormery is one of our socially responsible initiatives that serves as an educational purpose.


NUS Goes Lite 2016 Lite Lunches: Better Bento Choices

SBR supports the NUS Goes Lite 2016 Lite Lunches: Better Bento Choices programme. The launch ceremony was held on 21st March 2016 at National University of Singapore (NUS), with guest of honour Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources.

The campaign “Bento Bash” aimed at minimizing food and plastic wastage by providing more takeaway options for NUS students and staff. The trial event reduced usage of disposable takeaway box by an average of 50% in a span of three days. The campaign also features various games and activities that engage students. One of the contest allow the students a chance to win a one-night stay at SBR.

The messages of the campaign showcases 4 key points to help minimize food and plastic wastage.

  1. Dine In Outside of Peak Hours
  2. Share a Meal
  3. Take a Box to Takeaway
  4. Listen to Your Stomach

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