Energy Saving Challenge

The Energy-Saving Challenge is back – this time for a more powerful change
Let’s take climate action today! It’s as simple as switching off appliances after use to save electricty.
Do that, and you stand a chance to win prizes more than $60,000 in total*.
Sign up now!   T&Cs apply

Energy saving guide

International Day of the Forests Campaign

♥ if you ♥ our forest friends!

Choosing sustainable palm oil prevents the burning of land that creates the haze.

From 21 to 28 March, celebrate the International Day of Forests with us by having a meal at eateries that help protect our forests, home to diverse (and adorable) wildlife.

Share a picture of you and your friends at the eatery using #LoveForest #GoHazeFree #SustainablePalmOil

The campaign will culminate on 28 March with a show of support to Old Chang Kee outlets island-wide. Sign up for email reminder here: