Over the years SBR has been implementing and testing a range of new technologies to further improve our energy and water efficiency.

We are regularly seeking new products to test bed in addition to the already implemented technologies.

Some recent testings and implementations include:

– A technology that helps to improve the input electrical current thus allowing us to achieve even better energy savings through reduction in heat loss;








– Various energy efficient technologies (from lights to general electrical appliances…);












(Picture: at SBR we are trying out the latest technologies of LED’s)

– Integrated energy monitoring system;

– A machine that decomposes food waste into a liquid within 12 hours;








– Our state of the art pool treatment systems using sand filtration units and ionizers (replacement for conventional chlorine treatments)








(Pic: Salt ionization units)








(Pic: sand filtration units)

and many others..

We are always seeking to learn more about new technologies. Should you be a re-seller or manufacturer please contact us to arrange a meeting. We are in a unique position to not only test bed technologies but also to actively showcase such technologies through our eco tour program. 

Contact us at


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