Dinosaur Display

SBR Real Dinosaur Bones Exhibit!

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Siloso Beach Resort is proud to showcase Real Dinosaur Bones on its premises.

The display of these bones is a joint venture between Siloso Beach Resort (SBR) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Background: So how did SBR get into possession of real dinosaur bones??!

Well it all started with the close collaboration that SBR has with the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research http://rmbr.nus.edu.sg/  (NUS). SBR has been in close contact with this reputable institution since it started the Development of the Biodiversity Portal of Singapore (www.biodiversity.sg ) which is one of its CSR programs.

Following this SBR has been actively involved with some of the Museums activities. Recently it came to our attention that the RMBR intended to expend into a new National History Museum for Singapore. One of the main attractions the upcoming Museum was looking forward to was to have a unique display of complete and real dinosaur skeletons.

In order to make this a reality the RMBR embarked on an ambitious fund raising exercise to raise enough money to purchase 3 unique and almost complete dinosaur skeletons (believed to be from a same family), a world first!  SBR immediately responded to this by giving away a significant amount of money for this unique and most worthy cause. SBR was the first donor to put money on the table which sparked other donors to come on board as well. Since, the necessary funds of 12 million have been collected from various donors (including SBR) and the dinosaurs skeletons are now under way to Singapore!





In appreciation of our move in initiating this much needed funding exercise, the RMBR has accepted to collaborate with us in mounting this preliminary dinosaur exhibit which intends to inform the guests passing by the hotel and various stakeholders on the importance of dinosaurs, biodiversity preservation and to promote the upcoming National History Museum where the full skeletons will be displayed starting in 2014.

About the SBR exhibit

Currently SBR showcases 3 real vertebras from a Diplodocus.

The exhibit will evolve in the coming months to include background information on a range of topics related to dinosaurs, biodiversity and the upcoming Singapore Natural History Museum.

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