One of our environmental outreach initiatives is to provide environmental information available on in-house TV channels which are available in all guests rooms and in common areas.

Two channels have been dedicated to environmental topics.

Channel 6: the SBR Environmental Outreach Presentation.

This is a unique presentation about the major environmental concerns of the century. This presentation was developed by Siloso Beach Resort and has two main parts:

– A 30 minute presentation covering aspects such as climate change, biodiversity losses, water resources, depletion of natural resources, pollution and others;

– A 1 hour slideshow showcasing high quality images coupled with key environmental messages, quotes from influential people. We believe that the art or photography is a powerful tool to raise awareness on environmental issues.

Below is a short preview of some of the slides from our Environmental Outreach Presentation. Full presentation can be seen at our Resort.

Channel 15:  the movie “Home” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

home dvd

Siloso Beach Resort is proud to bring you the internationally acclaimed environmental documentary Home. This free movie is a very good showcase of major environmental issues that we are facing and provides beautiful footage of the Earth taken from the sky. A must see and influential documentary for all the family to enjoy.

Our latest channel showcases a video of the resort highlighting the environmental features (preserved terrain and structures)

SBR overview (steet slide show)

Coral Sea Dreaming

coral dvd

SBR is proud to showcase the amazing movie: Coral Sea Dreaming from David Hannan.

This movie displays amazing underwater shots from the Australian Great Barrier reef.

The movie is showcased at our cafe daily.

SBR’s environmental highlight channel:

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