ECO hut

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SBR”s sees an hotel environment as a place with an enormous potential for education. Indeed, every day, many people from different countries and background transit through our resort. Our concept is to make use of this simple fact by providing our guests and stakeholders the possibility to come to our resort  to have a good time but also possibly to learn something. As an eco-hotel we emphasize on environmental and sustainability education.

One of the newest projects at SBR, the Eco Huts are an innovative way for our guests and visitors to leisurely learn about environmental issues.

The concept was to make use of these huts to share important information on major environmental issues facing the world today.

A learning environment for all:

We are dedicated to try a new concept of an hotel that could not only be a place for leisure but also a passive learning environment where information is made available to whoever would be interested to explore the topics.

Most of the huts (5) are within our Cafe area. We believe that displaying this important information in such environment would strive an interest in our guests.Why not make it a topic for discussion while  enjoying  a nice cozy meal below our huts?

Other huts (2) are near our swimming pool. Why not rest in our comfortable hammocks while learning something at the same time?

A powerful educational tool:

In addition to passively making this information available to our guests, these huts are also used for educational purposes during our Eco Tours to various stakeholders (corporate, universities, schools…)

There are 7 huts and each one of these huts focusses on one particular environmental topic:

– The Climate Hut

– The Biodiversity Hut

– The Water Hut

– The Pollution Hut

– The Corporate Sustainability Hut

– The Demography Hut

– The Natural Resources Hut

Below is a snapshot of some The content that we display in our huts.

Please click on one of the panels  to enlarge panels:

Biodiversity hut roof panel 1 Biodiversity hut roof panel 2Biodiversity hut roof panel 3 Biodiversity hut roof panels (with copy)Water hut roof panel 1 Water hut roof panel 2Water hut roof panel 3 Water hut roof panel 4Pollution hut roof panel 1 Pollution hut roof panel 2Pollution hut roof panel 3 Water hut roof panel 4sustainability hut roof panel 1 sustainability hut roof panel 2sustainability hut roof panel 3   sustainability hut roof panel 4

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