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Eco Journey at Siloso Beach Resort

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Over the past few years Siloso Beach Resort (SBR) has been using its facilities as a showcase and test-bed of environmentally friendly technologies and practices. Our Eco Tour ProgrammeTM which was implemented a few years ago has been very successful and has attracted numerous stakeholders to visit our resort for the purpose of learning more about sustainable practices and technologies. Over the last 2-3 years more than 5000 people from key groups as diverse as universities, schools, government bodies, corporate senior executives (SME’s & MNC’s) and individual investors have attended these tours. The tours are increasingly becoming popular internationally as well.


Let us share our eco-resort with you, and experience first hand what makes our environmental initiatives unique.

Purpose –

We use the resort and its environmental aspects as a case-study for the environmentally sustainable business model. The aim is to create awareness of environmental issues and help to develop more compassion for the environment.


1.5 to 2+ hours, followed by 15 minutes for Q&A.


The Eco Journey is mainly tailored towards company groups and tertiary students and above, however we offer the tour to anyone who is interested in environmental sustainability. This includes stakeholders like in-house guests, partners, and suppliers.

video highlighting some elements of the facilities showcased during the tours:

The Program

The Eco Journey has 7 major “stations” or areas of interest all around the resort.

– Introduction – Explains the purpose of the tour, the general eco-concept, and the guidelines for constructing the resort.

– Villa Wing – This area aims to showcase blending leisure with nature, with trees even incorporated into the design of buildings.

– Rooftop Terrace – A stunning view of the South China Sea, and below our 100m long self-maintenance rooftop garden.

– Green Sanctuary –This area is where our own gardening staff grow plants and herbs for use around the Resort.

– Landscape Pool – A unique swimming pool that is better for both people and the environment.

– Green Technology – Explains how the Resort uses technology to reduce energy and waste.

– Al Fresco Café – Learn about how we apply the 4Rs (Respect, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) in our Café.

What to expect: 

a) Sustainable management and leadership:Since before the construction of the resort, it was decided that SBR would become an eco-resort. Strong planning and ongoing dedication has been put into the management of this resort.

b) Sustainable construction techniques: very specific and often unique and innovative construction techniques have been used throughout the resort in order to minimize the disturbance to the surrounding environment,  maximize the use of natural light and ventilation and reduce wastage at all levels. The resort is also home to unique features  such as one of Singapore’s longest self sustained rooftop gardens.

c) Integrated energy, water and waste management: from our unique water treatment and retention systems, the use of state of the art energy efficient technologies to our close loop food waste management; SBR  has become over the years very efficient at reducing its environmental impacts at all levels.

d) CSR: In addition to strong environmental and sustainability practices, SBR has been very active in supporting a range of social causes whether on its facilities or outside.

e) Cleantech test-bed and showcase: SBR has started an ambitious plan to use its facilities as a hub display of innovative new sustainable technologies. For this  we are collaborating with various public and private sector organisations  to test-bed various products.

Some of our Eco Tour partners/regular attendees: 

– National University of Singapore

– University of Nevada las vegas

– Nanyang polytechnique

– Singapore Polytechnique

and many others..


The tour is free as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, in order to promote compassion for the environment and our sustainable business model. However, there is a small fee to gain entrance to Sentosa Island.

*If you are interested in our Eco Journey, please  contact for more details.*

click here to download SBR Eco Tour Summary

click here to download the Eco Tour Brochure: eco tour brochure (15 march)

Self-Guided Eco Journey Those staying at our Resort are welcome to follow the storyboards located at various places of interest and give themselves a self-guided tour of our environmental aspects.  Here are two of the storyboards for example:

Picture1Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 Picture6 Picture7

4 thoughts on “SBR Eco Tours

  1. Hello i am Angelina from Singapore Polytechnic currently in my third year. We have to do a final year project and we will be doing a handbook for hotels to stay green. My group consists of 3 people and i am hoping if there you can give us an eco tour or if you will be organizing one and that we can have a tour.

  2. Hi, I am Marisa and I’m writing a paper on sentosa’s sustainable tourism. Is it possible for me to come down and have a tour? It would be great too if I would be able to talk to you more and to have a more in dept conversation as well. Thank you!

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