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Imagine a Hotel that would not only be a leisure environment but that would also use its facilities as a display of nature art work. This is precisely what SBR is in the process of doing though its mega picture project:

If you happen to visit our Cafe, you will right away notice all the pictures of various plants and animals along the walls. All these pictures (with the exception of the red dragonfly) were taken within the Resort to showcase all the biodiversity that you can find, if you only look for it closely!

Accompanying the pictures are educational text, in both English and Chinese, explaining the species information and conveying information about biodiversity or conservation in general.

Below a few samples of our biodiversity showcase are provided. The entire exhibit can be seen at our resort.




The SBR Biodiversity Exhibition compliments the other environmentally friendly things that we are doing in our Cafe:
– Refusing to serve food from endangered species, like sharks fin and bluefin tuna.
– Getting food from nearby sources to reduce carbon footprint
– Reducing food waste by only preparing about 30% of the food items in advance for our breakfast buffet, and then catching up to cook the rest as needed.
– Left over food is disposed of using a machine that is both hygenic and environmentally friendly.
– A nearby self-sustaining pond that hosts fish, frogs, and dragonflies.
– Al Fresco cafe concept means no need to air conditioning, and minimal lighting.


Mega picture project:

Going beyond our cafe, SBR has started to expend the picture showcase to other parts of the resort.

Many areas of the resort will soon display large size images of nature and wildlife.

– Corridors

– Main passage areas

– Guest rooms


Numerous large pictures such as this one are displayed throughout our corridors.

At night time, the pictures are highlighted through the light system.

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