SBR has numerous initiatives on Energy.

Overall, SBR has achieved a very low energy usage through a series of initiatives:

1) Passive design: 


Picture: our extensive rooftop garden

Our main energy savings do not come from the various efficient technologies and practices that we have on site but from the way the resort was built and conceptualized.

The below elements were carefully considered and planned during the construction phase:

– maximizing natural light

– maximizing natural ventilation

– One of Singapore’s longest rooftop garden

– preserving most of the trees and planting many (shading and cooling potential)

2) Cleantech


Picture: our third generation heat exchange chiller

SBR has invested significantly in energy efficient technologies.

Our main investment is into a very efficient, custom made third generation heat exchange chiller system (the first installed in Singapore)

Perhaps the best statement to illustrate our low energy consumption is to compare our electricity bills with the Singapore Green Mark standards for platinum buildings (highest energy efficiency ratings for buildings in Singapore).

Our chiller system uses over 25% less energy than a normal chiller system. Due to this and other energy saving technology and measures around the resort, our energy usage is well below that of the 50% percentile for hotels in Singapore (according to data given in BCA green mark assessment criteria for non-residential existing buildings version 2.1)


Various energy efficient appliances throughout the resort:

– lights (mostly LED’s)

– Balanced wave systems (E-clean technology that “cleans the input electrical current)

– very energy efficient boiler system

– and most of the appliances that we purchase are selected for their energy efficiency

3) Management 

SBR has well defined policies in place to minimize energy usage through the adoption of good practices

4) education

SBR has numerous education programs to not only educate our satff but also inspire our stakeholders (including guests) to contribute


Renewable energy (R&D):

SBR is currently conducting feasibility studies for the implementation of:

– Solar Photovoltaic systems

– Biogas systems

if implemented these systems will account for a significant portion of the hotels energy usage.


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