SBR’s Mascots

SBR Cartoons Concept

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Finding the right media to communicate key important information is not an easy challenge. With our mascot concept we aim to reach out to various age groups (including children’s) by displaying short, concise important messages in a fun way.

Siloso Beach Resort has introduced a cartoon concept to promote key environmental messages throughout its facilities.

The idea is to make use of two created fictional characters (Prof Monitor and Squirzy) in order to outreach to our guests in a fun and yet effective way.

Squirzy 1 (colour) scout

While, numerous environmental educational messages are already present throughout the resort (e.g. Eco huts, TV channels…), we feel that the cartoons will outreach more effectively to a wider public including young children’s.

Concept: Our aim is to passively provide environmental information and to use our resort as a showcase of sustainable best practices. We will always respect the choices of our guest to either ignore or take the time to appreciate the information that we make available. Our concept is to provide our guest the possibility to learn something new about the environmental issues that we face and to reflect upon it, while having a good time at our resort.

Prof monitor (pool scene1)

Characters role: The principle behind the characters is simple: Prof Monitor plays the role of the knowledgeable source which we use to convey accurate key messages. Squirzy (the squirrel) on the other hand is a more funny character which serves the purpose of asking the right questions, but sometimes in a humoristic way.

Characters choice: We chose a monitor lizard and a squirrel to act as our eco ambassadors mascots for the simple reason that these two animals can been seen at our resort (mostly in café area) and they also represent our commitment to the preservation of wildlife and biodiversity on our site.

Our latest character T-Ralph!

T-Ralph 2 colored

T-Ralph is a baby T-rex from the past that has traveled in a time travel machine to our era to learn about solutions to save his own species from extinction. However T-ralph learns that our species is perhaps to the best choice to seek answers!

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