Sustainable architecture

Siloso Beach Resort was constructed with sustainability in mind from the beginning. Numerous special construction techniques have gone into the construction to minimize impacts on the initial environment to great extents. Additionally a lot of consideration was put into maximizing the natural cooling and usage of natural light through good design. Last but not least a very significant amount of recycled items were used as construction materials.


Above picture: Numerous examples of trees integrated with the structures


Above picture: Numerous water features and ponds. These ponds are actually part of thetreatment system of our swimming pool and act as bio-filters


Above picture: open concept where greenery blends with structures


Above picture: 85 m long landscape pool. The pool was simply deposited on top of an existing maintenance road (thus its shape) in order to minimize impacts on the surrounding environment such as cutting trees.


Above picture: extensive preservation of trees throughout the resort and structures that blend with the surrounding. All structures are on stilts in order to minimize the disturbance.


Above picture: longest self sustained rooftop garden in Singapore. How innovative technology permits a fully sustained process of rainwater filtration and irrigation.


Above picture: The open concept is present throughout the resort. For instance all the corridors are exposed which results in significant energy savings.

Video highlighting several SBR architectural features:



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