Here is a sneak-peak at our Sustainable Farming project, which eventually aims to provide chemical and pesticide free leafy vegetables for some of our dishes.  The benefits are that because they are grown on-site by our own staff, we can ensure they are free of harmful chemicals.  We are also lowering our environmental footprints:

1.  Carbon footprint is lower since there is no fuel involved in transporting the final product.

2.  Water footprint is lower, since we use our own spring water source that does not compete with the public water supply.

3.  Land footprint is lower, since it is located on our Resort, and using concepts of urban farming to make the most out of limited space.

4.  Ecological footprint is lower, since there are no pesticides and no fertilizers running off into the environment.

5.  Food waste is recycled, as we use vermicomposing (worm) to produce top-quality 100% natural fertilizer for our soil, using the food scraps from our F&B operations.

 With lower environmental impacts, the only thing that is bigger is the size and taste of the vegetable!


Going beyond farming, SBR is also experimenting with sustainable aquaculture.

The aquaculture element is related to our vermi-composting by utilizing resources from the natural waste of the composting process. In this manner the aquaculture becomes an extension of our fully integrated close loop food chain.


Picture: our aquaculture ponds


SBR has embarked on a two year collaborative research program with a predominant academic institution in Singapore.

The main aim of the research will be to learn from our sustainable farming/aquaculture project and to develop processes that would allow to develop automation systems that could be implemented within organisations on a larger scale.



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