SBR has implemented over the years a range of initiatives which makes our resort very efficient when it comes to waste management.

1) incorporating waste materials into the design: numerous materials used into the construction are made of waste materials.

2) Efficient waste recycling program

– organic waste: 0% wastage achieved through our composting and food decomposer practices

– systematic recycling of all types of waste (metals, paper, plastics, even glass)


For an highlight of our waste management programs/initiatives, please refer to the below presentation:

SBR waste management: SBR waste management

Our partner in Recylcing:

Semwaste: recyclable waste collector

SBR has recently embarked ona recycling awareness campaign with packaging giant Tetrapak

logo 15






Through this partnership, SBR and Tetrapak will set up a recycling showcase at the resort using recycled materials and promote the need to recycle through educational materials.

At SBR our approach to recycling is unique in having people understand the primary impacts of not recycling:

– Recycling metals relates to less metal extraction and therefore less mining;

– Recycling paper relates to less forests being cut down;

– Recycling plastics relates to less oil being extracted to manufacture plastics.

Also in addition to the common 3R’s concept at SBR we practice the 4R’s our initial R being to respect nature above all before considering reducing, reusing and recycling. This concept is reflected at all levels of the organisation including the initial commitment of preserving all the trees on site.


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