SBR has achieved a very water consumption through the adoption of various initiatives and technologies.

1) good initial design

SBR is fortunate to have access to a spring water reservoir on its premises  This feature was utilized and incorporated into the water management system of the resorts were the spring water could be utilized for cooling systems, the swimming pool and other usages.

Various rainwater harvesting structures were incorporated into the initial design






(above: the water treatment system of our swimming pool is unique. unlique conventional pool, SBR does not mak euse of any chlorine. Instead a natural treatment system using natural salt is used). The suppression of chlorine has allowed to filter the water using a series of natural bio filters and processes:

Water treatment flow: spring water from underground spring –> underground reservoirs to settle the dense particles –> 100 m long treatment ponds including bio-filters (water plants) and live fish as water quality indicators –> salt ionizer –> waterfall for oxygenation –> regular addition of sea salt –> and so on (repeat loop)



2) cleantech

SBR has invested significantly into water efficient technologies such as:

water less urinals, water efficient taps, various technologies on taps.

One of our greatest water saving installation is our piping structure which uses PPE pipes of various unusual dimensions.

3) Management

SBR has well established management guidelines to maintain a very low water usage


Picture: one of our numerous ponds

4) Messenging 

SBR has numerous educational materials in place to educate the staff but also to involve our stakeholders to contribute to our water saving initiatives

At SBR our water consumption is very low which is the combination of good management, preservation of a healthy ecosystem and technological innovations.


SBR’s water consumption is on average 413 litres/room/night. When comparing to the Singapore average 555 litres/room/night (source: White paper on tourism and water by Earth check research institute march 2013) indicates that SBR’s consumption is at least 25% lesser than the average.

water graph

Our 100m water ponds (part of the swimming pool treatment system) are an  excellent feature to try out a number of water related sustainable initiatives:


(above: water chestnuts cultures)


Oxygenation of the pond induces water plants growth


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