Working with PWDs

At SBR, we take pride in diversifying our workforce and having an open culture in which we provide equal opportunities for all staff. Employing PWDs is not something entirely new to us as about 15% of our staff are PWDs. Therefore, it is vital for us to continue to tap onto this often neglected talent pool and provide opportunities for us to have meaningful employment and the independence and self-confidence this brings to them. In addition, many of our guests have provided positive feedback on their work attitude and are affirmative of our actions in providing opportunities for our staff with disabilities.











Siloso Beach Resort has a responsibility to increase the employment opportunities for persons with disabilities at all levels and occupations by:
 Proactively seeking out opportunities for recruitment of disabled people in collaboration with relevant government organizations and employment agencies.
 Recruiting widely for positions.
 Providing opportunities for students with disabilities with collaboration with schools.
 Giving full consideration to employees with disabilities for inclusion in developmental opportunities.
 Collecting and maintaining data to monitor success and challenges.
 Providing reasonable working environments for applicants and employees with disabilities.
 Providing appropriate communication and guidance to all managers to ensure they understand the commitment and the policies of the company to employ individuals with disabilities and that they have an understanding of programs to recruit, appoint, and ensure that reasonable workplace environments are provided for employees with disabilities.